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This regional conference merges the best available water science and land-use knowledge to promote collaboration between scientists, planners, and decision-makers on sustainable land-use methodologies. The agenda was developed in response to comments from previous water quality-based conference participants who stressed the need to plan future development in ways that would protect and improve water resources. The conference will include presentations, featured speakers, panel discussions, and a poster session.

About the Conference:

Water and land use are explicitly linked through a complex myriad of quantity- and quality-related issues. Historically, development planning and implementation occurred which sought to minimize impacts on water resources. In the world today, water scarcities due to economic growth, ecosystem demands, and climate change are forcing a new paradigm in planning and management. The goal of sustainable development is creating opportunities for creative solutions that look beyond project borders to encompass more holistic watershed approaches. This conference will bring together a unique mix of keynote speakers, panels, posters, and speakers to highlight regional solutions and research being conducted to improve the societal impacts on future expansions. The goals of this year’s conference are to:

  • Engage planners and scientists in discussions regarding the needs, constraints and opportunities related to water and land use planning
  • Improve the interaction, collaboration, and communication between scientists, engineers, and planners to improve common objectives related to sustainable development
  • Explore innovative approaches and policies being developed regionally and promote understanding of what planning and science can offer to the process


  • Carrying Capacity: The Science of Planning
  • Co-management: Surface/Groundwater, Science and Policy
  • Intersection of Economics, Land Use, and Water Resources
  • Planning for Climate Change: Adaptation and/or Mitigation
  • Assessing Effectiveness of Stormwater Mitigation
  • Assessing Effectiveness of TMDL Implementation
  • Enabling Local Leadership and Action: Optimizing Extension and University Resources
  • Transboundaries: Watersheds and Jurisdictions
  • Integrating the Built Environment and Watersheds
  • Outreach and Education Strategies
  • Using Modeling as a Predictor for Future Needs


  • Watershed groups and Non-governmental Organizations
  • Conservation and Irrigation Districts
  • Water and Natural Resource Agency Scientists and Staff
  • Federal, Tribal, State, County, and City Officials and Staff
  • University and Extension Researchers and Educators, Students
  • Environmental and Natural Resources Attorneys
  • Water Resource Advisory Committees and Councils
  • Resource Use and Protection Advocates
  • Planning and Zoning Officials
  • Developers, Consulting Scientists, and Engineers
  • Building and Landscape Architects
  • Economic Development Staff
  • Interested Citizens


  • September 30, 2009 Last day to submit abstracts for poster session
  • October 2, 2009 Last day for guaranteed conference rate at Skamania Lodge
  • October 16, 2009 Last date to submit Scholarship application
  • October 16, 2009 Last day to request full refund of conference registration fee
  • January 2010 Conference proceedings available at